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October 2015

All roads lead to Shiogama and Matsushima

Source: All roads lead to Shiogama and Matsushima


Starting something new

After being selected as one of Miyagi’s tourism ambassador I have been thinking of a way how to help Miyagi in promoting their tourism .My friend in face book and one of my former boss in the Philippines  told me to start a travel diary or a travel blog since I have been going to a lot of places and doing a lot of social activities which might be interesting for some other people like me. So here I am starting my own blog and maybe in the future with the help of my friend who is quite busy with grad school life will be putting up a web page which will serve as a guide for foreign students like me. Since this is my very first entry I am posting a photo of me riding Segway. So tell me about the things you just started doing or still planning to do! Going out of your comfort zone might be a bit scary at first but hang in there! Everything will be better soon! So much for my first post since waiting time for my experiment  is almost over! Sayonara for now! IMG_8623

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