It’s my second time but I still have this kind of feeling when you go to a place for the first time! I love travelling by boat! I never been sea sick (thank God, this one I did not inherit from array of sickness and allergies I got my family’s gene!) so yey lucky me!

If you want to get away from all the stress and fast paced metropolitan life, then this boat ride will surely help! I love freeing my mind into the sea and looking at those seagulls flying freely. At that moment I thought I was like them! Free and happy! Not that I am not happy, it’s just the feeling of being near the water plus the element of mother nature is a perfect backdrop to unwind and reflect about the things that have happened in your life plus you get to think about the next step too!

The cruise is about 50 minutes ride from Shiogama to Matsushima. The cruise allowed us to see different islands surrounding both Shiogama and Matshushima. So if you love the waters like me and want to do some seagull feeding then riding a boat going to Matsuhima or Shiogama is highly recommended without sacrificing you weekly or monthly budget!