I have been to Matsushima numerous times, but I never get tired of its beauty. There so many things you can do. You can ride a boat just to see the islands around Matsushima, go to different shrines and temples, make your own prayer beads or even design your own kokeshi dolls. If you are in for some seafood food trips then Matsushima is the place to be! Almost all the shops are very easy in on the budget! So you don’t need to spend a lot if you want to buy sake or desserts or even local products.

In this trip I learned that the each bridges in Matsushima have different meanings. One for breaking up, one for finding new love, one for seeing your future, Since I forgot the name  these bridges and I am quite sure I went to these bridges. But because of new information I will never go back to the bridge that means breaking up with your love ones! Therefore I really need to research about this bridge!

Since we had very little time during my recent trip with Tohoko Ambassador and all the shrines and temples were close for business. I would like to share a link of my past blog about Matsushima and my experiences during my visit! Happy reading guys!