I spent my whole summer last year admiring the beauty of my laboratory and mastering different laboratory equipments. This year I get to enjoy the beauty of summer! Most of the foreigners think that spring is the best time for flower viewing! But let me tell you this! You can enjoy vast variety of flowers all year round!

After seeing a lot of posts about sunflowers and lotus viewing, me and my friends were really determined to go to either in Osaki or Tome! Our first attempt did not materialized but I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason! Originally our plan was just to go to Osaki and do sunflower viewing but because of our dear Ate Ems’ help we were able to hit two birds with one stone! We finally get to see not one but two flowers!

Ate Emily together with her kids Manami and Naoki picked me, Joey, Gho and Tin in Sanjo on a Saturday morning. Upon reaching the freeway Joey and Ate Ems were a bit worried because of the traffic (but really the traffic here in Japan is equivalent to Metro Manila’s normal transportation flow without traffic) they thought that there might be a lot of people and the parking area maybe jam-packed! I keep on telling them it’s gonna be ok since we will be going to Tome first (which is farther from Sendai) then head straight to Osaki.

With the help of the car’s navi and Joey’s expertise in checking google map we were able to reach our first destination safe. Upon getting out of the car we were greeted by scorching heat but we didn’t care! We gamely post for photos We gamely posed for pictures (and we were super genki <lively!> despite having 3 hours of sleep)  even though we haven’t reached our main itinerary yet. We first went to Izunuma lake tourist center to get some information regarding “kanrensetsu” lotus flower viewing. The man from the center was gracious enough to give information to us.

The viewing area was around 10 minute walk from the center. We were so happy because there were still 2 empty boats the moment we arrived and that means we didn’t have to wait for around 20 minutes. From then on I know everything we have planned for the day will be done accordingly! So the boat ride cost 700 yen for adults and 600 yen for children. The last time I was in Izunuma lake it was just a muddy piece of lake then suddenly it transformed into these picturesque scenery! Wow flowers can really do wonders!!!!

The 20 minute boat ride was so amazing! I have not seen this many lotus flowers in my life! And to think that I get to see it up close! The pictures of the lotus didn’t do any justice compare to when you see it in real time! We were really bunch of obnoxious foreigners who keeps on taking pictures on the boat with the lotus in our back ground and at the same trying to take nice photo of the lotus since we cannot ask the boat driver to stop the boat for a minutes nevertheless we had so much fun! I got to know some Japanese ladies too! They were all happy that we get to enjoy Japan despite our busy schedule in the school, they all shared some lotus seeds to us! That was another first since we did not know that lotus seeds are edible! It tasted fine by the way!

Fun facts about lotus flowers. Lotus flower has the ability to rise from dirty, murky waters transitioning into a beautiful flower. So if you are going to interpret this into real life it means that facing hardships in life isinevitable, we have to surpass it with our head held high then immense success in your life will surely come! In Japan, they value lotus flowers as sacred, it is a symbol of enlightenment until it reaches nirvana. Maybe it has something to do with the position of the lotus coz it looks like a sitting Buddha (just guessing I forgot to ask about it!(^_^))!

After few rounds of group pictures and selfies here and there we finally accomplished our first activity! Everybody was famished and at the same time we don’t want to take waste a lot of time consumed just by eating lunch so we all decided to eat in a fast food chain.

So after gassing up our empty stomach we were finally back on the road! And this time it only took us 45 minutes just to go to Osaki and miraculously the “traffic” was gone in the expressway only to see a full lane of cars lining up to take a moment and enjoy the beauty of himawari or sunflower. I did not mind waiting because I know the scenery will sufficed for all the times we waited inside the car. When it was finally our chance to look for a parking area we were again luck to find a spot near the himawari batake (fields of sunflower)! Just from a distance, the waves of sunflowers already took my breath away! The view was absolutely stunning! The sun is up but not to the point of burning our skin, the blue skies were clear and the sunflowers…they were just pure perfection! Millions of sunflowers were waiting for us, waiting to be photographed and to be adored!

Sunflowers need sun to fully grow and blossom beautifully. Sunflowers can be used for cooking purposes, cattle feeds, chelating agent and of course a wonderful decoration to your house. Imagine with just 300 yen parking fee we were able to enjoy the view and took so many pictures of these lovely sunflowers! I do not mind paying for entrance fee because this panoramic view is one of a kind super instagramable panoramic location!

The peak in the numbers of tourists grow massively during summer all thanks to different flower viewing site from Southern to Northern part of Japan! So for the next summer why don’t you try to do flower viewing instead of going to the sea or amusement parks! But hey you can do everything anyway as long as you have the time and the money to take advantage of the summer vacation!  This was really one of my most unforgettable summer break ever here in Japan!

My travel squad:

Cristine a.k.a Tin “the enchantress”        IMG_5540

Domingo a.k.a Gho “the selfie master”


Joey “the resident artist”


Ate Ems, Manami and Naoki

Post script! To cap off our evening with enjoyed eating and shopping in costco!

Till our next escapade guys!