Umi no bon is one of the most important festival in Japan. Not because of the festivities and abundance of food but because of how Japanese people remember their departed loved ones.

Going to Matsushima every year for Umi no bon have already been a tradition for me and my friends. We enjoyed the wonderful scenery in Matsushima, we always feel like we are at home maybe because of its close resemblance to Philippines. It is always a joy to see Roger and the lovely ladies of Matsushima. They never fail to make us feel like we are a part of a family, that we are also citizens of Matsushima. Every year the tourism group of Matsushima selects 30 foreigners to come and enjoy the Umi no bon festivities. I am elated that every year they get to select me and my friends. The bonus part was I/we get to keep the beautiful yukata that we wore during the festival!

The people of Matsushima prepared a lot of activities like floating of paper lantern (prayers are written in the lanterns for their loved ones), bon dances (it is repetitive but you need to have good hands and feet coordination), food stalls all over the place (our eyes were not the only one that enjoyed the festival but our stomach too!), prayer procession to the temples (lots of Buddhist priests chanting prayers, it’s quite weird but I feel kind of relaxed even though I don’t understand what they were chanting) and of course the display of different fireworks!

Oh and one more reason why we always love going back to Matsushima is because it’s IG friendly and suited for all types of photo shoots! So whenever you want to relax and recharged your draining energy come and visit Matsushima! You will surely love it too!!!