Red or white? Do you have a particular type of wine that makes you feel relax and indulge? Well if you are still searching for the kind of wine of that you want then you should mark Takahata Winery in your travel destination! Takahata Winery have so many varieties of wine from white wine, red wine, rose wine, sparkling wine and fruit wine! I got to taste 12 different kinds of wine but my favorite was the Mahoroba red wine and Peach sparkling wine! I can stay all day in this place! Just give me some cheese and finger foods and I am done!

Takahata winery is not only for buying wines but there are lots of stalls that sells Yamagata dishes, fruits and other Yamagata products! They also have live bands to set the mood of the place! Do you ever wonder why in some grape farm there are surrounding flowers most particularly rose garden, this is to ward of insects or birds from eating and hitting the grapes.


Takahata Winery has been in the wine business for 26 years already, maybe it is not that long as compared to other wine manufacturers but their products live up to the high standards of known wine makers and they are now trying to expand their marketing reach internationally! If you are wondering about the price of the wine it is as low as around 1000 yen to as high as 10,000 yen or more and of course the price really depends on what kind of wine you would like to buy! So when you go there and have some wine tasting better feel the wines first before you buy a bottle!