I really reserved a space in my stomach so that I can eat as many grapes as I want! In Mahoroba fruit farm with just 500 yen, you get to enjoy harvesting your own grapes and eat them for as long as you want and as many as how your stomach can take! There is also this option about taking home the grapes, just pay 1,000 yen and with a basket filled of grapes you can share it with your family and friends!

In the farm there were two types of grapes the green colored and the purple colored grapes! The farm also produced table grapes mainly for food consumption and wine grapes as the name says for wine production.

The grapes were really delicious! The more you eat it the sweeter it gets! I really regret not buying the grapes because in the grocery one small bunch of grapes already cost about 500-1000 yen. So when you go to Mahoroba fruit farm after eating lots of grapes don’t forget to buy some more grapes when you leave the fruit farm!