They say Asahi Ryoukan is not a fancy ryoukan. But after  staying in an old style ryoukan, I can say that it was very comfortable and relaxing. I think the only thing that this place lack was  wifi connection in each room. But I guess they really made it that way so that people can just rest and relax. The staffs were so nice and friendly. The food…oh the food! It was a foodie haven! Too many foods (both in dinner and breakfast) but too little stomach space!

It was my first time to try the private onsen, and I felt isolated and lonely! I think private onsen is only good for somebody who is shy or does not want to share a bath with somebody else! Well I already overcome my issues when it comes to public bath and so I did not booked another private onsen.

The onsen was not as good looking as the other onsen I have been too but what is good about the onsen in the ryoukan is that there is no time limit! So you can take a bath and dip in the hot water whenever you want to. I tried the onsen not just once but thrice! I took it after getting settled in the hotel, then after dinner (they said doing onsen after dinner helps a lot with th metabolism process!) and in the morning before having dinner. I never felt so rejuvenated! My skin achieved a perfect glow (which was in time for my graduation yey!)! I just wish I can go to onsen everyday but that would be very expensive!

After our dinner feast we went around the area just so that we can digest the food. And I saw a lot of ryoukan from fancy to modest ryoukan. There were even public onsen if you don’t want to book a hotel or ryoukan and just staying at some air bnb places or couch surfing- so tourists have a lot of choices when they go to Onagawa onsen town. The smell of sulfur was all over the place. Just imagine the smell of a rotten egg, and think of it that the smell came from minerals originating from nature. It was not that bad once you get the hang of it. The place was deafening silence! I think this place is very suitable for people who wants to clear of their mind and find inspiration coz I definitely found mine!

On our way back to Asahi ryoukan we found a place where you can just dip your feet and enjoy the view of the town under the moonlight! It was so relaxing and my dead tired feet were ready for another adventure. The next morning we found another mini onsen where you can also dip your feet and beside it is a water fountain. The water coming from the fountain comes from the same source of onsen. Local people said if you drink this water, you will look younger by slowing down the process of aging. For those pokemon go players like me you can also enjoy playing pokemon in Onagawa onsen because of the numerous pokestop. I did not play pokemon of course because I was there to admire the beauty of the place and not to play pokemon. I also forgot to mention that there are small onsen in each side of the town so you can cook eggs! They call it tamago onsen by the way!

Just a few minute walk from the center of Onagawa onsen, we were able to see a rice paddy art! I have never seen this kind of art before! I want to volunteer in planting if only I will be given a chance! This piece of art came to life because of the collective effort of the locals. So there when you go to Onagawa onsen you will not only enjoy the food and the stay but also the beautiful scenery of the place!